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Metronomy in Paris, Yessss !
Metronomy will parform at the Olympia the 10 of November ! A very good news... Hope you secured your tickets cause It's sold out. I don't know if I've already said this : I love this band and I love The English Riviera in stores since last April...

Smashing Pumpkins : "Owata"
Smashing Pumpkins offers the tenth track from Teargarden By Kaleidyscope. Get it ! It's free ! All information here or direct download of "Owata" here...

Fleet Foxes meet Grizzly Bear !
Robin Pecknold, frontman of Fleet Foxes, has met Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear and together, they recorded a duet entitled "I'm Losing Myself". You can download it here

The Kills : DNA free to download
Download for free "DNA". It's taken fron Blood Pressures, the new album from the duet The Kills. Get it there...

Last music videos...
The Tatianas : "Little Drama Boy"
The Electric Soft Parade : "Lily"
Leopold Skin : "Howling Voices"
Scarlet Queens : "DownTown"
Arctic Monkeys : "The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala"
Elephanz : "Stereo"
Breakbot : "Fantasy"
Metronomy : "The Bay"
Oops : "Ill Try"
Musica Nuda : "Mirza"
Tazieff : "A Million Why"

Listen to French Zone 2 !
Our free compilation French Zone 2 is over 30000 downloads ! Listen to it... You'll find Cocoon with a rare demo version of the single "On My Way", The Delano Orchestra, Kim Novak, Moonengineer, Selar, Foxglove... For downloading it's here...

Mogwai : Special Moves
Mogwai's first live album will be released on Rock Action Records this spring. The formats will be CD and DVD and limited deluxe triple vinyl box set which will also include the dvd of the live film Burning and a poster. Recording of Special Moves was done at Music Hall of Williamsburg. To get live tracks of this set, have a look here.

Last free MP3's...
The D : Dust It Off
Smashing Pumpkins : The Fellowship
Smashing Pumpkins : Tom Tom
Esdem : My Tears
Esdem : Sure
Jose Gonzalez : Heartbeats
Jose Gonzalez : Crosses
Soyuz : Smart Kid
Soyuz : Around Me Maybe
Grasscut : A Lost Village
Stornoway : On The Rocks
The Foreign Resort : Orange Glow

Last gigs ...

Plastiscines in Paris, Cigale 2010 - Photos by Pascal Codron
in Paris Photos + Report...

Goldfrapp in Paris 2010 - Photos by Pascal Codron
in Paris Photos + Report...

Vampire Weekend in Paris 2010 - Photos by Pascal Codron
Vampire Weekend and Jenny and Johnny
in Paris Photos + Report...

Cocoon at the EMB 2010 - Photos by Pascal Codron
Cocoon and Mina Tindle
in Paris Photos + Report...

Klaxons in Paris 2010 - Photos by Pascal Codron
in Paris Photos + Report...

Last CD and music DVD reviews...

Nasser HushPuppies Auryn Pearl Jam The Delano Orchestra Les Marquises Wax Tailor
Nasser - #4 (2011)  HushPuppies - The Bipolar Drift (2011) Auryn - Winter Hopes (2011) Pearl Jam - Live On Ten Legs (2011) The Delano Orchestra - Now That You Are Free My Beloved Love (2010) Les Marquises - Lost Lost Lost (2010) Wax Tailor - Live 2010  l'Olympia (2010)

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French Zone - Volume 7

French Zone - Volume 7 (Front)      French Zone - Volume 7 (Back)
Download French Zone - Volume 7      
Listen to a sample : Bad Mama Dog "How Many Times"

And still available : Electro Zone - Volume 1

Electro Zone - Volume 1 (Front)      Electro Zone - Volume 1 (Back)
Download Electro Zone - Volume 1      

French Zone - Volume 6

French Zone - Volume 6 (Front)      French Zone - Volume 6 (Back)
Download French Zone - Volume 6      

This website is mostly dedicated to compressed audio sounds (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, ...), compressed video (DivX) and Music.

The Freeware section offers the best software free to download : music players for MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg Vorbis, WMA files, audio and video encoders, rippers to copy Music CD's or Video DVD's on your HDD, free burners, tools for image processing, HTML editors, mails notifiers, free word processing softwares and a lot more ... Most of the soft are for Windows but, little by little, soft for Linux are added...

The Music section let you download legal MP3 or Ogg Vorbis music files. All the tracks are listened to before addition to the section. Criteria for inclusion are simple : first, we have to love it, then the musical quality should be good. A lot of the tracks presented are under free licensing (Creative Commons License). Feel free to contact us if you are a member of a band and want to present your work on 01audio-video.com.

Our Tutorials section details subjects related to digital compression for audio files such as "All you need to know about audio compression", "How to rip an audio CD", "All you need to know about Ogg Vorbis", "How to burn a CD", "All you need to know about MP3 and mp3PRO"... To date, these tutorials are available only in French. Sorry for the annoyance. We hope to translate them as soon as possible.

We hope you'll enjoy your visit on our website ...

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